933 Bird's Nest


933 Bird's Nest is focusing on edible bird's nest collection, processor and exported. 933 Bird's Nest is around 1 ton of clean and ready to be consummed bird's next every month.

933 Bird's Nest have a solid and well trained workers, well organized system and strict quality control departments, we can assure that 933 Bird's Nest can satsfy market requirement both in retail and wholesale market within Hongkong, Singapore and China.


We do divide professionally our worker division to ensure the Quality Control of nest.

Removal stage

Each of selected bird's nest in the first stage will be handled personality by our workers. Like mentioned before, those nests with heavy feathers and impurities are extremely difficult to clean, very time consuming. Brush and tweezers are used to carefully remove all visible feathers and impurities so that the testure and shape are kept as original as possible. We only use reserve osmosis water to ensure our nest produce is 100% pure with no chemical bleaching. Still we only use very less water to ensure the protein and mineral in nest will still remain inside the nest and to maintain a very good shape for our nest.

Drying stage

After removal stage, all nests are then spread on to dry. We usually dry all the nest approximately around 8 hours using only big fan and air cooler to have correct moisture for our nest.

Quality Control stage

After drying stage we do have checking stage in our factory so that we can ensure our nest produce is 99% clean. Each of the nest are carefully checked by our experienced workers. If there is any nest that are not cleanwe will clean if again until meet our Clean Standard Requirement.

Fastening stage

After the nest being checked, we do have Fastening stage to ensure our nest all in a good shape. We use traditional way of fastening the nest and without any addictive of chemical. We could ensure you the shape of our nest is good and 100% natural.

Packing stage

This is the final stage before our nests is deliver to consumers. In this stage we do separate our nest by is type and quality. In this stage we also do final check on our nest to ensure our nests all are 99% clean.


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